The #1 Most Powerful Brain Tool I Use Every Dang Day

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Hi, I'm Marion

TodayI want to share the single most powerful tool I have used in helping so many of my clients with 

  1. Getting out of bed early with no struggle
  2. Getting their workouts done especially when they just aren’t feeling it.

So I came across this tool when I was searching for how to solve my own problem.  My problem at the time was getting out of bed early.  At the time, I had labeled myself as “Not a Morning Person.” 

Like…”Hi my name is Marion.  I’m a Scorpio, Enneagram 8 and I’m not a morning person.”  

I loved to think of myself as a night owl!  Getting up super early just wasn’t in my DNA.

But I had a newborn.  And I quickly learned that babies don’t care if Mom thinks she’s not a morning person. Like, they’re pretty self centered and they advocate for what they need.  (Which by the way, is something modern day women could learn from babies but that’s a whole nother’ episode).

Cooper, that’s my son, was also colicky.  And we’re talking full on colicky to the point where I remember my pediatrician chuckling and shaking his head while he said “Well if he’s THIS colicky, then he’s going to be a gentle soul when he’s older.  That’s how it works Marion.  So this is actually a good thing.”   

I would repeat his words in my head everyday on the way to work as I clutched a cup of coffee the size of my face.

But that wasn’t my #1 problem.
My #1 problem was getting out of bed when my alarm went off. 

I had somehow turned into one of those people who abused the snooze button.  I was legitimately exhausted, so that made it easy to decide “sleep is more important right now than anything else”.

My alarm would go off around 5:30am and yet I would spend the next 20-30 minutes laying there avoiding the day.  And it wasn’t like I was getting extra sleep…because we don’t really fall back into this super restorative sleep when we hit the snooze button right?

It makes me think about that quote by Demitri Martin, “If you really think about it, hitting the snooze button in the morning doesn’t even make sense. It’s like saying, ‘I hate getting up in the morning-so I do it over… and over… and over again.’

And because I wasn’t getting out of bed right away, I wasn’t getting my workout done.

And because I wasn’t getting my workout done, I was feeling lower energy and disappointed in  myself during the day.  As though I was always choosing to start the day at a deficit.  Playing catch-up.

And that’s no way to live life…it gets exhausting.

So I started researching the most effective mindset tips to get out of bed early…even when you’re not a morning person.

And I found this article that talked about this very simple idea of going “braindead”.  The dude writing the article talked about how the second his alarm went off, he would IMMEDIATELY go braindead and get out of bed.  

There was no time for letting that little voice creep in and beg for “just five more minutes”

There was no time to even negotiate with yourself “But I am still tired, my bed is so warm…”

Nope…the whole concept was you go balls to the wall brain-dead and get out of bed. 

Walk across the room and go brush your teeth, splash water on your face, do whatever you need to do to fire up the blood flow.  

After reading this article, I remember thinking “Isn’t there like a 5 step process?  I mean, this sounds ridiculously simple and lame.  Could it be this easy?!”

And I made the decision that the next morning, I was going to go braindead and get up.  I made the decision to commit 100% to this concept.  Because if it worked for this dude, what did I have to lose by trying?

And the next morning, my alarm went off and I reached for my phone.  But instead of hitting snooze, I went braindead + picked up my phone + and walked to the bathroom.  

As I drove to work that morning, I wasn’t feeling rushed.  I wasn’t feeling disappointment in myself.  I was actually feeling freakin’ proud of myself!  And really…it wasn’t that hard at all.  In fact, doing the whole snooze game was way more challenging than going braindead.

So today I teach my clients to do a couple things:

  1. Identify when you’re negotiating with yourself about something you know you should do.  
    1. So for instance, let’s say you typically head to the gym after work.  Well maybe you had a long day at the office and the idea of a yoga bootie ballet class sounds about as much fun as watching Kim Kardashian study for the LSATs.  So your mind starts to come up with all these colorful valid excuses…and then you start opening your mind to the possibility of skipping.  THIS is the moment you need to go brain dead…and it’s a decision to go brain dead.  Identify that your lazy voice is entering negotiations with your self discipline voice…and you need to shut that negotiation down ASAP.  So go braindead and take action that is inline with your best self.
  2. Plan your tomorrow, today.
    1. And what I mean by that, is know before your head hits the pillow tonight, what your morning is going to look and feel like tomorrow.  Maybe you have the ability to sleep in an extra 30 minutes?  Or maybe you need to get up a little earlier because you have a big meeting you need to prepare for?  But when you know what your tomorrow brings, you can go to bed feeling prepared.  When that alarm does go off, you go braindead because you KNOW you set the alarm for the best time possible in order for you to freakin’ dominate your day.

Okay, so the #1 key takeaway from today’s episode that I hope will make a difference in your life, is this:

Ask yourself “Where in my life do I need to go braindead?”  Is it with my morning routine?  Or my workout routine?  And then give yourself the opportunity to try it at least one time…and I would so love to hear how it worked for you!

Thank you so much for being here!

And I want to close with…just remember…to start building the life you truly want, you’re just one decision away.  So let’s freakin’ go!


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