The Mindset Inventory is an effective tool created to highlight YOUR unique mindset strengths and weaknesses. 

After you complete the inventory, you’ll have a power-packed 1-on-1 session with Marion where she’ll be walking you through your unique profile report. You’ll be diving deep into specific areas that have been holding you back. You’ll leave this session with incredible knowledge and insight as to how you can quickly move past your mindset hurdles.

You’ll then receive a detailed report full of personalized observations and recommendations! Basically, you’ll have your own individual roadmap so that you can take immediate action and begin to level up your mindset (and your life!) 

+ The Mindset Inventory (should take you around one hour to complete)

+ Detailed report of personalized observations and recommendations

+ 45-minute 1-on-1 call with Marion

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It's time to stop spinning your wheels, and start building clarity in your mind!

Here's What you'll get:

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At a cellular level, do you believe in what is actually possible for you?

Or do you have walls up & limiting beliefs that are holding you back?

Until the answer is a resounding “YES” then you’re going to struggle and get in your own way.

WITHOUT the right Business Mindset you will find yourself STUCK in the cycle of…


You keep comparing yourself to others in your space and feeling not good enough.

Imposter Syndrome

You feel like you don’t really belong.


When you don’t have confident energy, then you likely don’t have clear direction. And when you don’t have a clear direction, you likely don’t have effective systems and strategies in place.

Upper Limit Problem

This is when you’ve plateaued because you’ve put a cap on your success! You want to break through, but you have no idea how to do it.

Self Doubt

You say you want to grow and take risks, but if you’re being honest with yourself, you don’t have the self-belief to TRULY take the action necessary.

Other signs you're feeling mentally STUCK:

  • Your worth is tied up in achievement
  • You feel burned out
  • You lack clarity and vision
  • The Yo-Yo Cycle: Good month followed by a bad month and then a good month 
  • You’re very reactive in your business
  • You feel like you can’t take time off
  • You’re super uncomfortable with white space

How would your LIFE and BUSINESS change if you had more CLARITY & DIRECTION?

What it feels like when you DO have the Resilient & Confident Mindset:


You’ll experience more “flow state” where you’re super focused on your work and it just flows…it’s inside you and dying to get out!


You’re no longer wasting hours on tasks that have nothing to do with impact or income…instead you’ve got your blinders on and dialed in on your gameplan!


You’ve created white space to finally tap into your natural intuition and take action.


Doors continue to open really quickly and you’re KNOWN for what you do.


At a cellular level, you believe in what is possible for you and you’re fulfilled by what you do.

Other signs you'll Notice:

  • You have tons of clarity & you stay in your lane
  • Super focused
  • You naturally attract the right people
  • The money just follows at this level of success & growth
  • You’re in alignment with what you’re called to do & not swayed by external forces (trends on social media, critics, etc.)
  • You’re not always stressed

It's time to stop spinning your wheels, & start building clarity in your mind.

Book your Mindset Inventory today & let’s get to work!

Your Investment

Pay In Full

Pay in Full with one payment of $497

1 payment of $497 →

Payment Plan

Take advantage of our payment plan and make three monthly payments of $179

3 Payments of $179 →